Turn your location into
an Amazon Hub destination.

Amazon Hub is looking for partners with physical locations to host Locker or Counter, allowing Amazon customers to pick up and return their Amazon packages. The program is free to qualified hosts.

Amazon Hub Locker

Secure, self-service kiosks where customers can pick up and return their Amazon packages.

Amazon Hub Counter

The newest way for Amazon customers to pick up their packages in-store and shop at a partner location.

Benefits Of Hosting

Increased Foot Traffic

90% of Amazon Hub Locker users will be brand new to your location. This gives you a great opportunity to:

  • Create brand exposure
  • Establish a relationship with customers
  • Produce long-term revenue stream

Drive Sales

Customers picking up their packages will engage with your staff, enabling them to discuss promotions or the latest in-store specials.

*20-30% of Locker users tend to convert with an average basket size of $5 to $6.

Monetize Unused space

An Amazon Hub Locker requires very little space and comes in a variety of Locker sizes that work with your business space.

How it Works

Amazon customers will now be able
to choose your store as a pickup location.


Delivery to Locker

Drivers will deliver packages to your Locker, usually about once a day.

Package pickup

Customer scans their phone, then retrieves their package.


Scan packages in

When a driver arrives, scan all packages for your locations; this sends a pickup code to your customers.

Scan pickup codes

When a customer or driver arrives to collect packages, scan or enter their pickup code. The code is available in an email, SMS, or in a notification from the Amazon app.

Scan packages out

Scan packages and hand them to the customer.

For Companies of All Sizes

Small, medium, and large companies can benefit from Amazon Hub. Qualification is based on a complex algorithm that estimates pick ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Amazon Hub Locker?

A fully automated package kiosk designed as a convenient way for Amazon customers to receive and return Amazon orders.

Who can use Amazon Hub Lockers and Counter?

Both Locker and Counter are free for both Prime and Non-Prime Amazon Customers where they can select their pick-up location during check-out.

What's the difference between Counter and Locker?

Counter locations are attended locations in stores where customers can pick up their Amazon packages and interact with a store associate. Lockers are completely self-sevice.

What are the customer use cases?

It's a safe and secure package delivery site. Customers can receive packages while traveling. The pick-up locations and times are convenient, and Lockers help with hassle-free returns.

How much does it cost to become a host?

It's free for host partners.

How would hosting an Amazon Locker or Counter benefit my business?
  • Increased foot traffic-On average, an increased foot traffic up to 600 new store visits per month at locations with an Amazon Locker.
  • Drive sales - Customers are increasingly purchasing in-store from hosts while retrieving their packages.
  • Expand your customer base - The majority of customers pick a Locker due to its proximity to work, home or school.

Do people know about these products?

Yes, the Amazon Hub charter is about providing alternate delivery for customers. The program is 10 years old and there are over 7,000 Lockers throughout the US alone. Counter is active in over 4,000 US locations since launching in 2019. We are expanding globally at a rapid pace.

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